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LaTorre Hardware

Growth and diversity have provided the key elements for business success at LaTorre Delsea Hardware. The store has been a fixture on South Delsea Drive for the past 65 years, since Victor LaTorre Sr. and his brothers John and Rocco purchased the site from Margaret Rosicato, in 1958.

Our History

LaTorre Hardware now helmed by owner Victor LaTorre Jr. has established itself as the leader in the South Jersey commercial and retail community by implementing aggressive marketing and cutting-edge customer service techniques. This superior level of quality service provision has led to many professional business profiles of LaTorre Hardware in regionally prominent newspaper articles and features. In 1998 LaTorre won the “Outstanding Small Business” award for Vineland.

In a changing marketplace, complete with “big box stores” and “category killers”, the hometown LaTorre’s has adapted successfully by becoming economically innovative while still being sensitive to its top priority—local customer service. Over the years, the store has been expanded five times including the building of a 5,000 square foot warehouse, taking it from a 30 by 40-foot building to its current 16,000 square foot configuration.

One-Stop Shop

Today, sales are split between the commercial and retail consumer and  LaTorre Hardware strives to fill the role of a one-stop shop for both types of customers. Also, one of the store’s unique trademarks has been the stocking of Italian specialty food appliances—items that include pasta and pizzelle makers.


Good quality items!

Rosemary, 04/01/2023

These guys do small engine repairs. With a 25 dollar deposit. They have repaired, 1 weedwacker, 2 old homelite chain saws, 1 Stihl chain saw, and did an outstanding job.....for cheap. Usually when I pick them up it is an additional 20 to 25 bucks. Way better than 200+ for a new tool. I used to work harder trying to start these things than I did doing the actual work. Bring it to them. Soon they are getting my pressure washer to square away. And yes as a mechanic myself I can fix these things. But the guy that works on then has access to parts. I have to hunt for them. Way more cost affective for them to fix them. And as a hardware store they are absolutely wonderful and locally owned. Great people work there and they are our neighbors.

George, 09/01/2022

Great Customer Service! Pleasant Staff! Ample parking. This place is WONDERFUL!

Lisa, 07/10/2022

Friendly staff and if they don't have what you need in stock they can usually get it within 3-5 days

Daniel, 06/19/2022

Superior service, highly recommended.

Anthony, 04/01/2022

Good products...good service

Bryan, 03/11/2022

Excellent family owned business. They offer many garden center products and do an amazing job fixing mowers. Very friendly and courteous staff!

Chuck, 10/19/2021

One of the remaining great generational local hardware stores in Cumberland County.
I bought the plants I needed for starting my 2017, 2018 and 2019 gardens. It always seems like the plants I buy turn out better than the ones from larger hardware chains. By the way, the potatoes turned out great in 2018 and the 2019 crop (2 ft. x 5 ft.) is looking good for August.

I was also referred here to get cactus soil and sulfur powder for cactus repair.
In previous years, I have also purchased seeds, herbs, saw blades, sandpaper, pegboard hooks, hinges, specialized parts and tools from LaTorre Hardware.

In 2019, I have made numerous trips for multiple summer projects.

Ted, 08/25/2021